Sunday January 2, 2005

Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist
Part III: Life's a Beach


Kevyn:Shodan, status report!
Shodan:No vehicles have left the lot yet. If the perimeter is secure, the enemy is still in there.
Kevyn:Der Trihs, have you reached the parking lot yet?
Der Trihs:No sir. We were all up in 725 changing when you called.
Kevyn:Well, where are you now?
Der Trihs:Still in the suite, sir.
Kevyn:Der Trihs! I told you to -
Der Trihs:I know, I know!
Der Trihs:Our suite overlooks the parking area.
Kevyn:But it's covered parking!
Der Trihs:Yeah, but the cover is just shade fabric. Shep said he could still make out some detail, so he disabled their vehicle from up here.
Kevyn:Wow, How did he now which vehicle to hit?
Der Trihs:Ummm. . . He didn't. I think he hit all of them.