Friday March 21, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Prologue: Drydock


Captain Tagon:I need Thurl, Brad, and Elf out front, now, with a table, and a view of the Touch-And-Go.
Ennesby:What's going on?
Captain Tagon:We're recruiting. Filling holes in the roster.
Ennesby:Thurl can handle the paperwork solo. What are Elf and Brad for?
Captain Tagon:Eye-candy, poster-children. "Join up, and maybe you'll look this good in uniform."
Captain Tagon:Oh, and Thurl's also there to say "Look, kids. . . You can do this job and live to be an old guy!"
Thurl:I heard that, sir.
Captain Tagon:There is to be no mention of Lieutenant Pibald's head, nor the jar.