Guess Who's Coming for Game Night

My friends at Garden Ninja Studios have a fresh batch of pewter on hand. Everybody's favorite galactic superpower can now be represented on the tabletop at 30mm scale. Petey is here, and he looks smug.

As with all miniatures from Garden Ninja, you have three options for finish. A fully-painted Petey will set you back $20. The patina-finish Petey is $15. If you want to paint Petey yourself, the unfinished pewter version is just $10.

Garden Ninja is also offering a Schlock Mercenary miniature bundle this holiday season. You can get Elf, Tagon, and Schlock, plus three attorney drones for just $74.99. Petey isn't included in the bundle because we don't have a rule-set for Petey in the upcoming PDF.

Oh, wait... Did I let something slip? Could there be a Schlock Mercenary tabletop game of some sort in the works?

Watch this space.

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