A Note About the Family Support and Treatment Center

A good friend of mine who happens to be a fairly hardcore Schlock fan emailed me to thank us for contributing to the Utah County Family Support and Treatment Center. I had no idea he and his large family (he's an adoptive parent several times over) had used their services, so I was happy to hear that we were helping folks who have helped friends of mine.
My kids have spent a lot of time at the Family Support and Treatment Center. We’ve used the nursery for emergency respite care and everyone in the family except me has been to counseling there. ... Family Support and Treatment center has been a GODSEND! When we ran out of insurance visits, they wrote grants. When those ran out, they got Crime Victim Reparations money. ...  They have been our advocates through some of the hardest times we’ve faced as parents. Thank you for picking them as the benefactor of the auctions. In a very real way it is helping our family. And for that, again, thank you.
There are lots of places worthy of charitable contributions. I hope the auction winners are as pleased as I am that we've serendipitously selected one that is benefiting fellow Schlockers along with other people in need.
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