About that coloring book...

Schlock Mercenary coloring bookWhat's that? You can't wait to see the coloring book that Strohl Munitions will put out?

Okay, fine. Here's the cover.

The book is 22 pages long, and is quite silly. Aside from the simple, seditious, non-canonical story, it includes a maze, a matching game, and a word-search suitable for grown-ups with twisted minds. All pages are 8.5" x 11" at 600dpi resolution -- these lines are crisp, baby. And they can be yours for a Paypal donation of any size.

After donating, clicking on the "return to merchant" button should take you to a "thank you" page wherein lies the PDF in question for you to print out. If it doesn't work, email me (howard.tayler on gmail) or Sandra (sandra.tayler at the same host) using the email address you used with PayPal, and we'll hook you up.