And Here I Thought I Was Making This Stuff Up

Cell Phone Tattoo, from this strip, where Kevyn's blood-nannies communicate with him by discoloring his skin with handy, easy-to-read text messages? (Warning... the strip depicts a compound fracture. Eeew.)

Well, here's a "digital tattoo interface" for a cellphone. Long story short, your cyberpunk implants are waiting for funding, and the marketing fluff includes such gems as "this product is waterproof, and it is powered by pizza." Hat-tip to Alexander Proff for the link. Thanks!

Of course, the biggest problem I see with implantable hi-tech gadgetry is the life-cycle. There will be adoption hurdles if we need surgery in order to change carriers.

Also, I'm not sure where the audio interface is. I assume that she's not talking into her forearm -- that would be awkward. In a perfect world, they've bored a couple of holes in her skull, and installed Bose.

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