Auction Reminder: Sketch Edition #293 for Paul's Baby

Just a quick reminder (and maybe an alert, since the blog wasn't working right for the first announcement): The charity auction of Sketch Edition #293 will close at around 5:25pm Eastern Time today. What's the charity? We're trying to make a dent in Paul Taylor's medical expenses. He and his wife just brought home their first child, born prematurely, after a month in intensive care. While it hasn't been called out specifically in the auction, if the winning bid is over $200 I will include a piece of original marker-art of my choosing. If it's over $300 I'll take suggestions from the winning bidder as to what I'm going to draw (within reason - the picture must fit on a comic-book-sized "backer board" to ensure that it fits in the package with the book.) I'll be checking with Paul to see how big of a dent has been made by the various fund-raisers. We may put something else up on the auction block later.
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