Body Worlds... and now you know where sausage comes from

Gunther van Hagens' "Body Worlds 3" exhibit is in Salt Lake City for the next couple of months. I took it in with Sandra Thursday morning.


We bought the (very thick!) book in the Leonardo Museum gift shop afterwards. I'm sure that after I've read it I'll be able to tell you all kinds of interesting things about the exhibit that I was unable to learn in person.

My favorite part... I was admiring the unraveled length of digestive tract, and there were three high-school girls standing next to me. One of them said "Weird. It looks like sausage."

Me: "That's because that's how they make sausage."

Her: "What?"

Me: "Sausage. They take a length of sheep's intestine, stuff it with ground meat, and twist it off every six inches or so."

Her friend: "Didn't you KNOW that?"

Her: "No..." She grimaces, obviously torn. "I LIKE sausage."

Me: "People who like sausage shouldn't learn how it's made."

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