Calling All Browncoats! New Canaan Run is Open!

As I've said in the past, one of the coolest things about this gig of mine is occasionally scoring free stuff. And the coolest thing about the free stuff I score is that the Schlockers who send things to me tend to know what I'm going to like. I do not get junk. I get things like Zombie Dice, or, in this most recent case, The Atlas of the 'Verse: Volume 1 from Quantum Mechanix. If you're a fan of Firefly and/or Serenity you'll geek out over this. If you're a hardcore fan (read: browncoat) you'll covet this. And if you happen to be a hardcore fan who role-plays in the setting then as of this moment you cannot, cannot, cannot live without this. It is, in two words, beyond shiny. I showed it to some Browncoat friends, and the consensus (once the shock and awe had worn off) was "if we kill you and steal it, the judge will rule justifiable homicide, right?" I had to walk carefully when I explained that the likelihood of getting their case in front of a Browncoat judge was pretty low. The Alliance has cracked down on that, you see... This 12"x16" spiral bound book is a perfect reference for players and game-masters alike. Were I to run a Serenity campaign, this book would be what we in the industry call "player character knowledge." That means the book you're holding is also a book your characters are holding. What you, the player, know is also what your character knows. It's the reference you use for trading along the 11-world New Canaan Run. In this way it will dovetail perfectly with the Serenity RPG books (which are from a different publisher, but in this case that absolutely does not matter. Trust me.) You can grab this from Amazon, or directly from QMx. The latter is better for my New Best Friends at Quantum Mechanix, but if you're already shopping at Amazon the former is probably better for you. Then again, if you shop around at Quantum Mechanix you'll probably find other stuff that you simply cannot live without.

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