Convention Report: Emerald City Comic-Con, Day 1

I'm writing this on a hotel business center computer. I  don't have pictures to post, there's someone waiting for the machine, and there are two kids next to me arguing over what game to play over at, or some such. These are my excuses for the poor relative quality of this report. Oh, and I'm really tired, too. There are four children sleeping (finally!) in my hotel room. I probably shouldn't even BEGIN to complain about someone else's pair of well-behaved boys down here. On with the report: I spent most of the day at the Blank Label Comics booth drawing things for fans -- sketches, commmissions, and book-defacings. The most memorable of these was the commission for the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Lord Vader. He stopped by the booth in full costume, and as it turns out he's a big Schlock fan. He asked for "Tagon and Vader." First off, I geeked out pretty hard. It's not every day a sith lord commissions artwork from me. He could have broken out the mind-control (I doubt I'm immune to those sith mind tricks, since mere pizza commercials make me hungry) but he actually intended to pay me cash dollars for the piece. Secondly, I got to do something I've been wanting to do for years -- try out my Copic spray can to do a light-saber effect. Thirdly... well, the piece came out GREAT, but here I am on an alien computer in a foreign planet with no scanner, no camera, and no way to upload proof. Fortunately Lord Vader tells me that they've got an excellent scanner back at the Death Star, and they have email, too. I met lots of other neat folks, including a lot of friends from past conventions. After the show was over for the day a bunch of webtoonists got together for dinner at Bill Barnes' house. It was loud, and messy, and heaps of fun. Thanks again for opening your home to us, Bill! Today promises to be busy. Sandra will be packing the kids out to Strohl HQ while I work the show (I still have plenty of books and pins -- come on by!), and then this evening somehow I will be reunited with her somewhere. I don't know exactly how it'll work, but I'm assured that it WILL. Once we're done with the show we'll be sleeping, and then spending Monday driving to Boise. Tuesday will be spent driving back to Utah. Theoretically, then, on Wednesday I'll be able to post some pictures (unless some vandal trashes Lord Vader's place before he's able to send mail.)
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