Convention Report: Emerald City Comic Con, Day 2

First of all, I'd like to thank the Emerald City Comic Con organizers for having us out. They covered  hotel and travel expenses for Blank Label Comics, along with our table, and treated us really well. We all had a great time. I also need to thank Stacy Whitman of Mirrorstone for the Wizards tour on Friday, and Tom Nugent and Michael Laine of Liftport for lunch and a fascinating discussion on Thursday. They blogged about it, too. Day two was a bit more laid-back than the first day, in part because it was Sunday, and in part because Dave Kellet had to bow out. He's a firebrand, he is. We couldn't replace him (not by a long shot) but we did have Scott Kurtz join us in the booth for a while. I'm not sure why he didn't look at the camera, though... Guigar, Dean, Tayler, Kurtz, and StraubHeidi, from Comics FairplayI did a few commissions, and even whipped out a couple of freebies for our neighbors. Heidi, from Comics Fairplay was across the aisle from us, and really looked like she NEEDED to be drawn as a superheroine. I had a little more time to watch the floor on Day Two, and I noticed that this convention is extremely "newbie-friendly." It's not packed wall-to-wall with human sardines like San Diego is, so there's room to wander around and see the sights. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was there, and while he was popular, he wasn't crushed behind anonymizing crowds that leave you wondering what is on the other side of that long line. In short, I really liked it, and time permitting I'll be going back in the future. Howard Tayler and Jean FiocaBy far the highlight of the day was meeting my 2003-2004 colorist, Jean (Elmore) Fioca in person. She used to live in Alaska, but hails from the Seattle area these days. We shared a hug, and she autographed a few books which were then sold to unsuspecting Schlock fans. I think there might be six or eight books in circulation that have been signed by both of us. I expect to see them on eBay soon. I finished out the evening over at Pi, Kreely, and Verm's place in Everett with the three of them, Sandra, Jean, Raif, and Magnetic Cheeks. "It burns like Vermillion's cooking," or so I've been told. The chili was tasty. The company was entertaining. The cats were fun to watch. My hosts let me play with fire. It was a very nice, relaxing wrap-up to a weekend full of business-y stuff.

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