Fairies and Pretties and... well, oh my!

Over the Christmas holiday (on Christmas Day, in fact) I cut my left thumb. It was a pretty nasty cut that is only now healing to the point that I can use the thumb without noticing the mess I made of it. Well, the day after I cut it Sandra and I went over to her friend Jennie's place to paint miniatures. Jennie and Sandra go waaay back, and the discovery that she and I shared a hobby made for an instant rapport, as well as a group activity. All would have been perfect, except that SOMEBODY kept whining about his thumb. So Jennie gave me a self-adhesive bandage... covered with fairies ahem, FAERIES. Fairy bandages As it turns out, she sells these. Yes, you too can look like a complete pansy faery the next time you're whining about some wound you've inflicted upon yourself instead of upon a recalcitrant potato. Jennie sells a lot of other faery-oriented goodies on her site. If you're into that kind of thing (what are you doing HERE?!?) or know somebody who is, well... I guess you now know where to go shopping. And if you're not into that kind of thing, maybe this will be more to your (ahem) tastes...

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