Final Day for Sketched Editions of Tub of Happiness

Hi, Sandra here. Howard begged and pleaded for permission to leave sketch edition ordering open longer than the originally intended 24 hours. He really wants to be able to say that he sketched in a ton of books. We're almost there. Ninety-two more sketch editions and the combined weight of them all will be one ton. However, I have much preparatory work to do to organize for shipping. As of this moment we will be shipping out over 1300 books to 30 countries using 9 different shipping methods. The packages vary from 1 book to 10 books and I have to make sure that all of the sketch editions have the right characters in them. This is not an impossible task, but I need time to sort and prepare. I particularly need time to sort the orders with sketched editions. So you all have one more day to place an order for a sketch edition of Tub of Happiness, whether they come to a ton or not. Ordering for sketch editions will close with the next update (9:00pm Mountain Daylight Time on Monday). Ordering for regular editions of all three books will remain open.
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