Friday Morning Brain Dump: Minumus Maxed, Buffer Buffing, and Troll With A Keg

I'll lead with a picture. Last night I finished painting up this guy, and I'm really pleased with how he turned out -- especially his face.

Trollblood Thumper Crewman with Keg of Powder, painted by Howard Tayler

Some of those chin-spots are part of the scuplt, but some were free-handed in place. That's a practice I'll be returning to for future trollkin, I'm sure. There are more angles available over at his Cool Mini or Not page*. As usual, you can rate him.

Next up: Yesterday's "Minumus, the One Page RPG" article is now lying to you. Enough of you asked Ken Burnside for clarification that he had to DOUBLE the size of the game. Today it fits on a single sheet of paper, but you have to feed it through your printer twice. If this daily doubling persists, by the end of the month it will be 2 to the 27th power (134,217,728) pages long, or a little more than half the length of the collection of now-obsolete D&D 3.5 manuals you currently regret purchasing.

The good news is that now your $2.00 donation gets you twice as much PDF. Woo-hoo!

And finally... I took a vacation in December following the book release, and earlier this week I discovered that I had forgotten how to draw, and how to grind. I figured out how to draw again (you have to pick up the pencil first) but still don't have my grind on. I inked a very measly 2 rows yesterday before my hand complained. So I took a pair of advil, and was rewarded with mild tummy cramps.

My buffer-fu New Year's Resolutions are as follows:
1) Advil Is Not Candy
2) Draw A Little Each Day Rather Than A Lot All At Once, At Least Until Your Hand Gets Better You Moron.

(*Note: some Cool Mini or Not content is NSFW.)

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