Howard Recorded Live at Penguicon: The Webcomic Beacon

I totally crashed their party, those nice folks who do The Webcomic Beacon each Sunday. When I saw that there was a webcomics-themed podcast being recorded at Penguicon two weeks ago I strode up to their booth and asked if they wanted to interview me.

They did, and it's a good thing I asked because they later confessed they'd been far too distracted (busy convention) and a little too intimidated (by me? Okaaay...) to extend the invitation proactively.

Those of you accustomed to the rapid-fire, no-dead-air format of Writing Excuses ("Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart,") may struggle a bit with The Webcomic Beacon, where they luxuriate in the open microphone. Unfortunately for them, my reflexes kicked in. An open mike and dead air are my cue to fill time with content. Fortunately for us all I'd had panels all day and was caffeinated. I only misspoke once, and that was when I quoted my 2004 Schlock Mercenary income as negative $600/mo instead of the more factual negative $600/year.

Go listen! It's about an hour long, and it's lots of fun. Hopefully I said something you'll find useful.

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