It's not safe to have all these signs on the same door...

Schlock Mercenary Warning Sign Magnet Prototypes... but you're going to put them all on the same door anyway, and there's nothing we can do to stop you.

We finally got things straightened out with the manufacturer. You can order the Schlock Mercenary Warning Signs now. They come in sets of eight for $20.00 +s&h, and you can get them as magnets or with sticky-tape. You can also order them a la carte for $3.00 + s&h.

This is a pre-order. We expect to be shipping these out within three weeks. I also plan to have some of these at InConJunction in two weeks, and at Comic-Con in late July. Oh, and at WorldCon in Denver this August.

Note also that the pictures in the store are from the beta run, and there are some irregularities. The finished product does not have a black border. Also, I haven't color-corrected the photos in the store yet -- I assure you, the magnets will be a handsome, sunny, "danger, danger, danger" yellow rather than an eye-bleeding lime.

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