Jake Black Benefit September 12th at Dragon's Keep

Jake Black benefit at Dragon's KeepOn September 12th, which is one week from this Saturday, a group of comics creators will descend on Dragon's Keep in Provo, Utah to help our friend Jake.

Long story short: Jake Black has cancer, and insurance is covering a lot of his treatment, but not all of it. Chemotherapy is expensive. Our job is to make up the difference.

Your job is to come buy get stuff after donating to the cause at prices donation amounts that make retail prices cry like a playground bully who has just been nut-punched by that little asian girl.

I'll be there, and I'll be bringing a limited supply of all my books. $15 books can be yours for a $10 donation. $25 books will escape with you for $15. A full boxed set will cozy up to you for just $60. If you want me to DRAW in these books... well, another donation may be required, depending on how busy I am.

You see, I'll also be sketching for cash like a madman. I'll draw whatever you want. Do you need a sketch of your RPG character, rendered XDM style? I can do that. Schlock with an Ovalkwik popsicle? No problem. Doctor Bunnigus dressed as a cat-girl? Drop coin, and pass me the hand sanitizer. It's yours.

Want to cut to the head of the line? For $100 you get a boxed set, a copy of XDM, and each of those six books gets your choice of sketch inside. It is, as the ancient canticle suggests, "all about the Benjamins."  And for the record, every penny you spend with me goes to Jake. No overhead. No "covering my costs." I'm donating my stuff and my time.

And so are all these guys.

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