Melbourne Meet Greet plus Howard's Aussiecon Schedule

Howard is in Melbourne Australia this week and he hopes that any of you Schlockers who are Melbourne local will take time from your busy schedules to come and see him.

Schlock Meet & Greet
Thursday Sept 2, 2010
7-9 pm at Dragon Boat on the Yarra Restaurant

Cost: Whatever food or drink you order while there. No Aussiecon membership required.

Thanks to some local volunteers we have scheduled space at Dragon Boat on the Yarra restaurant for Schlockers to gather and dine together. As of this writing, the Facebook event page has ten confirmed guests. We've scheduled space for twice that number, so there is room for you. If there are too many attendees for the restaurant to seat at one table, Howard will be sure to circulate. He will also bring along his sharpie markers to sign objects and create sketches. Every time we host a Meet & Greet, we are impressed with what a kind, intelligent, and fun group Schlockers tend to be. So come meet your fellow Schlockers and make some new friends.

AussieCon Four, WorldCon in Melbourne Australia
September 2-6
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cost: AussieCon Membership required to attend the following events. Rates vary. Single day memberships available. Check the AussieCon website for details.

This is Howard's panel & presentation schedule for AussieCon. When he is not participating in one of the listed events, you can find him in the dealer's room at the Schlock Mercenary table. (See also Tayler Corporation tables) Howard will be happy to sell you copies of Schlock Mercenary books that have been pre-imported to Australia for you. He will also be glad to draw pictures in books that you have already purchased.

Thurs Sept 2
2-3 pm Howard The balancing act of Speculative Fiction and Comedy
Room 219 with Tee Morris, Richard Harland, Howard Tayler

Fri Sept 3
10-11 am Howard Reading
Room 207 with Ika Vanderkoeck
4-5 pm Howard panel: From Print to Pixels, paper comics to webcomics
Room 211 with Foz Meadows, Phil Foglio, Kaja Foglio, Howard Tayler
5-6 pm Howard panel: Military SF revisited
Room 217 with Toni Weisskopf, Howard Tayler, Jean Johnson

Sun Sept 5
11-12 am Howard signing Room 201

Mon Sept 6
10-11 am Howard Kaffeeklatsche Room 201
12-1 pm Howard panel: RPGs and storytelling
Room 211 with Will Elliot, Bob Kuhn, Howard Tayler, Jennifer Brozek
2-3 pm Howard panel: Forms of Government in Science Fiction
Room 213 with Will Elliot, Gail Carriger, Howard Tayler, Dave Freer

On a related note, I have to express my thanks to the many Australian Schlockers who inundated us with offers of help the moment we said that we would need some. I have spent lots of time corresponding with them in the last few weeks and can truly say that this trip will be a success because of their help. Thank you so much.

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