Mountain-Con! (oh, and you can keep pre-ordering sketches.)

I'm at Mountain-Con this weekend. Starting now! (Well... okay, starting after I finish this blog post, put a coat of primer on a buffalo, take a quick nap, and then drive to Salt Lake City. Call it 2 hours from now.) Busy man that I am, it's too much work to turn off the Sketch Edition pre-ordering just now. I have that buffalo to paint, you know. Besides, Sandra's mailbox is already full of customer support requests, and turning off sketch edition pre-ordering while it's still in full-swing will only swamp her further. So... keep pre-ordering sketches. We'll leave it open for at least another 24 hours, and maybe even all weekend. That's fair, since people at Mountain-Con can order sketch editions all weekend. Last year I drew in almost 900 books. This year my goal is to draw in a ton of books -- an actual, physical ton of them. They weigh in at 1.75 pounds each, so that would be 1142.85 books. Another 300 sketch editions should just about do it. Okay. I'm off. Where's the paint?
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