Movie Review: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I'll try and make this review short, because tomorrow is my anniversary and I haven't gone shopping yet... This is not a great movie, and might not even be a great comedy. Somehow, though, I went in the right frame of mind, and with the right person (my brother Randy, who now lives in Utah so we can have this kind of fun more often), and I laughed throughout the film. Also, I laughed harder than I ever have in my life. You may be thinking that you hear that particular exaggeration a lot, and that's fine. I'm not exaggerating. During the knife scene (Ricky Bobby thinks he's paralyzed and stabs himself in the leg -- a bit of this scene is in the trailers) I laughed so hard I almost blacked out. All I could hear was my own laughter and a rushing sound, my vision narrowed to a pin-point, and I felt for all the world like I was about to die happy. No, there were no chest pains. It was not frightening. It was quite simply the most amazing laughter I have ever experienced. I will allow for the possibility that someone spritzed me in the face with a narcotic of some sort while I was laughing, but I'm pretty sure it was just honest-to-goodness uncontrollable laughter. Oh, and not enough air. I've been sporting a bit of a chest cold. I know, that's not much of a movie review. Those of you who see the film may end up expecting a lot more of that scene (or of the film itself) than it ends up delivering. Know, however, that I came home really, really happy. The guy running around the theater with the narcotic nebulizer totally made my day.
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