New Schlock Community at The Time-Waster's Guide

My friends from Writing Excuses have generously offered to host a discussion area for me at The Time Waster's Guide under the "Local Authors" section of the forums. You can find it under my name rather than the name of the comic, which is a subtle yet ambitious statement about how Schlock Mercenary is not the sum total of my creative work. Right. That Epic Fantasy Trilogy I've been meaning to write is still a few years out. Anyway, there's a new community to be found under "Howard Tayler." I'm not removing support for the Nightstar, BLC, or legacy Keenspot forums -- I'm just adding one more place where folks can get together and talk about overkill, and the absence thereof. I should point out that there's also a Schlock Mercenary Facebook group that I've never blogged about, so if you're already signed up over there the community is ready-made for you. And speaking of Facebook... if you're really hard-core, there's a Howard Tayler Fan Page for you. Well, for ME... but you can use it, and it's a lot faster than waiting for me to acknowledge a friend request. Are there online community-type things you'd like to see me doing? Shout out your suggestions below. This is a good year for that since I'm not really planning to go anywhere.
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