Sketch Editions Are Done!

I just finished with the last of the Massively Parallel sketch editions. Now I can relax all day Saturday and do nothing but make comics, since the buffer has dropped to eight and who am I kidding I'm not going to relax. I'm going to ink my way up to fourteen, and then script so that I can draw my way to eighteen by Tuesday.

Sandra will be shipping these books out over the next few days, so by Tuesday everything should be en route. 

There's still time to place orders with us for delivery by Christmas, but I think that window closes on Thursday or Friday.

Sketches, Shopping, Shared Nightmares, and Schlock

I finished the last of the internationally-bound sketch editions early Sunday morning, and then took Sunday off. Today Sandra and Keliana will be shipping all the international packages, which means that unless there are postal issues in the destination nation, they'll be arriving in time to be Christmas gifts.

Meanwhile, our store is still open, and there's plenty of time for the delivery of gifts to folks in the United States. Pins, coins, and patches make great stocking stuffers, and for folks with office walls that need decoration, the 2015 Schlock Mercenary Monthly Calendar is kind of perfect. We still have the Munition Canister slipcases that hold the first five and the second six books for folks who own books, and want a handsome way to keep them upright without book-ends. (Note: the slipcases sell fast, and we can't stock huge numbers of them because they take up a lot of space in our warehouse.)

If you're considering taking the plunge for the first time, going all-in, as it were, we have an eleven-book bundle!

Since it's not unlikely that you'll be doing some shopping elsewhere for gifts this week (and by "elsewhere" I mean "Amazon"), you might consider starting your trip with this link. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will help pay the bills here at Chez Tayler. It's a small thing, but it adds up quickly on our end, and has gone a long way toward paying the bills in January and Februrary in past years.

Oh, hey! If you're out at Amazon anyway, check out the SHARED NIGHTMARES anthology! It's just $2.99, and features really bad dreams from a Hugo nominee, a couple of Campbell nominees, a Prometheus winner, and a New York Times best-seller. It's also available here on Smashwords.

Me? I'll be spending Cyber Monday scripting comics and sketching in books. It may be Schlock, but it still doesn't draw itself.

Sketchy Progress

As of this writing I've sketched in 82 of the 680 copies of Massively Parallel awaiting my Sharpie. This batch was all international orders, and the sketches in question were LOTA, Para, Kathryn, Tagii, a Burana bot, Elf, and Pi. There are more international sketches to take care of, but I'm pretty confident that we'll be able to get all of those out the door by December 2nd.

The calendars have all been sketched, and the only ones that haven't shipped are the ones that are supposed to have sketched books in the box with them. 

I think this means I'm right on schedule. The buffer is taking a beating, but I'm pretty sure I can tread water for a week while I finish another 600 sketches. And on that note, Ebby and Elizabeth are on deck right now, and I'm not asleep yet.

Shipping Update!

The trucks* full of Massively Parallel and Munitions Canister 1 & 2 slipcases will arrive on Monday, and we've got the volunteers we need. Meanwhile, the calendars have already arrived, and the ones that can be sketched and shipped without books are queued up for me to work on. They'll get packaged Saturday, and will go out the door on Monday. We're still basically on track with this schedule I posted.

I've finished one week of comics this week, and need to finish a second before Saturday night. Today's schedule: Blog (almost done!), pencil five rows of strips, take a ten minute break, then sketch 50 calendars. That gets me to about 1pm. From there, the schedule looks a lot like draw comics, breathe, sketch calendars, breathe, repeat. Maaaybe I'll leave the house for treat food, but it's far more likely that Sandra will forbid such distraction (she can't get HER work done until I've finished MINE), and simply drop something delicious and paper-wrapped in front of me. Along with napkins, so I don't get food on anybody's calendars.

I'll probably post a running count of completed sketches on Twitter. The next time THIS page gets updated it'll probably have pictures of giant stacks of merchandise.

(*Note: Yes, more than one truck.)

Interested in Dimensional Travel?

Thirty-two pallets of merchandise are arriving at the Hypernode Media warehouse on Friday. Or maybe on Monday. The warehouse currently has floor space for fifteen pallets. This presents us with an interesting problem, and the obvious solution is some form of dimensional travel.

Because we have a ladder, but no tesseract, our plan is to shift boxes through the 3rd dimension, and while this is simple enough on paper, it requires some heavy lifting.

Are you interested in helping? Are you local to us, and fit for a couple of hours of heavy lifting? Sandra has the rest of the details here (and her post was written without the attempt at dimensional humor, so it's probably a lot clearer than mine.) 

(Safety note: The slipcases will stack high with no danger of crushing, and we have pallet-wrap to keep the towers stable. The books will only be stacked to a height of about six feet, which is roughly twice the height of the pallets they're on. So, no, we won't be killing anyone under a cascade of Massively Parallel.)

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