The 2015 Calendar Has A Cover!

The  2015 Schlock Mercenary Monthly Calendar finally has a cover!

We'll be sending this off to print in a couple of weeks, but pre-orders are still open

Happy Halloween!

Schlock Goes Trick-or-Treating

My friend David Reddick, in a move that may have catastrophic consequences for the neighborhood in question, has sent Sergeant Schlock trick-or-treating.


Dracula Untold

I didn't go see Dracula Untold on opening weekend because the reviews were bad. Maybe my low expectations helped, because it didn't seem anywhere near as awful as its early reviews suggested.
That's not a huge vote of confidence, I know, so let me say this: I enjoyed it.
No, really!
It's kind of a superhero origin story, complete with the "bitten by a..." and the "look what I can do!" underscored by "with great power comes great responsibility." Also, comic-book physics, at least insofar as the portrayal of the inertia of a swarm of bats goes. And, you know, pretty much every vampire ability on display.
Dracula Untold comes in at #20 for me so far this year, which puts it squarely between my thresholds of "awesome" and "disappointment." In terms of your movie dollar, however, seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again might be more rewarding.
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And now, from Twitter...

Presented with no further context, here are @HowardTayler and @Schlock conversing on Twitter:


Pre-Orders Redux: Now With More Pictures!

Per Wednesday's post, pre-orders for Schlock Mercenary: Massively Parallel and for the 2015 Schlock Mercenary Monthly Calendar are now open. We also have slipcases for books six through eleven, and we reprinted the slipcases for books one through five.

UPDATE: We've sold out of sketched books, but the sketch option for 2015 calendars is still available.

Here are links:

On Wednesday I promised that the slipcases were "sturdy and beautiful." Today (Friday) our advance copies arrived, and I can now show you the beauty that is Munitions Canister 2:

But what does it look like when filled? And am I willing to hold it in one hand while taking a photo with my other?

It looks like this! And no, no I am not.

I'm always a little nervous just before our advance copies arrive, even though I'm always thrilled by the quality we get from our printer. This run is no exception. I was nervous, and now I'm elated. Man, this stuff looks great.

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