Dice Unlocked, Extra Pages in the Cross Hairs

Backers of The Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter have pledged enough to unlock the first set of stretch goals. We will now be making a challenge coin and custom dice, and including those at the $75-and-up pledge levels. The next goal is an additional 16 pages in the core book, and that's something that will go out to everybody.

Additionally, the most recent backer-only update had links to a stack of wallpapers. As digital content goes those are just the beginning. We'll have a lot more to show off once the Kickstarter project closes and we have a budget again. The project runs through May 18th at noon, which should give most folks three paydays during which to consider parting with hard-earned money in exchange for 208 (or 224!) pages of awesome.

Until then, Alan and I have plenty of work to do, so if we go quiet for a bit it's not because we've forgotten you. Some of these pages still need more awesome in them.

We crossed the 1,000 backer mark! 

Alan, Sandra, and I are excited to be putting that many books in that many hands. And if trends and historical data are useful indicators, it looks like those are going to be 224-page books. Thank you!



Let's Start Walking Our Shots

The Planet Mercenary RPG funded at $45k this morning. Thank you!

Now let's begin walking our shots toward the stretch goals...

The project's backers have already received two desktop wallpapers by way of thanks for getting us to this point. If you're a backer, check out the "Updates" section to collect your goodies.

Funding inside of 24 hours is a happy harbinger of good things to come. I'm confident we'll reach some of these stretch goals, though that high prize, Commodore Karl Tagon's personal, annotated copy of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, is far enough out to be a real stretch. If we're going to reach it, we need 2,000 people to back the project at the $75 "Company Commander" level. That's just under four times as many backers as we have as of this writing.

If you're on the fence about an RPG book, I totally understand. That's why Alan and I are creating this book with about 25 pages of rules, and 183 pages of illustrated Schlock Mercenary universe narrative. If you enjoy the footnotes I periodically include under the strips, this book is going to let you luxuriate in all-new material, complete with pictures designed to immerse you in the setting. 

Honestly, once this is complete I expect it to become a critical reference book for me as I write my way toward the climactic finish of the ongoing Schlock Mercenary over-arching mega-story. At the very least I'll get more consistent in the way I draw weapons.

And speaking of drawing, I need to get back to that. It's proving challenging for me to update the comic daily while pounding out thousands of words of RPG text and staying on top of this project. I'd really hate to break a 15-year perfect streak of updates because I got distracted...

The Planet Mercenary Kickstarter is Live!

The Planet Mercenary Kickstarter is live!

Head over to the project page for the full story.

Here's a stripped down summary:

  • The project runs for 34 days, and will close at noon Mountain time on Monday, May 18th
  • $45,000 is the bare-bones funding goal
  • The $150,000 stretch goal is Karl Tagon's personal, annotated hard-copy of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. Oh yes...
  • You probably want the $75 pledge level. $45 will get you the book, but $75 automatically includes some goodies out in Stretch Goal country.

Thanks for your support, everyone. This has been a long time coming, and we're looking forward to making something awesome.

Kickstarter Prep: It's Time to Shoot a Video

Most successful projects have a video, and mine have been no exception to this rule. For me, however, unless a project is about making videos I have no desire to watch a video about the project. Words and pictures are plenty.

This is one of those cases where I have to own up to the fact that I am not my customer. That's why today Alan and I will be heading down to the Hypernode warehouse and shooting some videos, including a bunch of stuff the kids are calling "B-roll."

The Planet Mercenary Kickstarter goes live just 72 hours from now, which probably doesn't give Alan's video team much time to edit, but even if they're hurried I suspect that won't be why I look awkward and uncomfortable on camera.

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This Time Next Week

We're launching the Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter on April 14th, 2015. That's just a week away.

Here's a wallpaper featuring one of Planet Mercenary's best-selling brands, Strohl Munitions, makers of the iconic BH-209 Plasgun.

Don't let that weathered metal texture fool you! Strohl products are shiny and durable*.

(*Not bulletproof. Do not pour alcohol into the reaction chamber. Illegal where non-legal.)

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