My friend Jim's best-selling book to date, Libriomancer, is on sale for $1.99 at the Amazon Kindle Store. This particular sale looks like it'll end quickly, so if you're interested, jump on it now.

I can't vouch for it yet, but I've loved Jim's other books, and the sample in the Kindle Store, in which our protagonist takes on three sparkling vampires, was enough to sell me on the whole book. I don't ordinarily post links for things I haven't personally consumed, but since the sale looks to be a short one, here we are. I have my copy now. You might wish to grab yours. Two bucks.

First one to reach the end of the book gets to not post any spoilers. 

Project Update: Lots of Irons in this Fire

I'm back from a four-day jaunt to Chicago during which Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells and I were able to record a dozen or so episodes of Writing Excuses, including two or three with Wes Chu, and one with a librarian from a local Junior High School. Per Twitter, I could tell when we were done because my talk-brain was empty and my listen-brain was full. 

On my plate right now: Inking comics, putting some finishing touches on the Challenge Coin PDF (a project that got waylaid by a number of factors, but which has NOT been forgotten,) and working on the tabletop RPG we're creating for the Schlock Mercenary universe.

The RPG project is especially exciting, because the way it's shaping up I think the only artwork of mine that will appear in the book will be the icons used for bullet-points. Why? Because we've got artists sending in the first round of pieces now, and their visions of the Schlockiverse show a lot more detail than mine do. I'm just the art director for this one, and my goal is to provide players with an immersive experience, not another book of comics. The artists have been doing a great job of looking at my art, reading my descriptions, and then creating the locations, ships, characters, and gear that I've been rendering via a cartoony shorthand. 

(I say I'm "just the art director." I'm also writing tens of thousands of words of world-book stuff for designer Alan Bahr to wrap stats and adventure seeds around.)

Nothing to show yet, however. Watch this space...

A Birthday Present from Me to You

My birthday is coming up, so I thought I'd get you something in order to get me something. Or something like that. 

We are having a one-week sale, 20% off in honor of the fact that I no longer attempt to lie about being anywhere near 20 years old. Just go to and use the code BIRFDAY15. Whatever you put in your cart will be discounted by 20%.

Additionally, we're knocking 40% off of international shipping for any order over 6 pounds. This discount will last until I'm no longer 46, or through Saturday, February 28th, whichever comes first*. Yes, this will discount the shipping on full sets of books, which is exactly what many of you folks on the other side of oceans from me have been asking for.

(*Note: Because leap day, and no loopholes.)

In-Universe Fun

I had a bit of in-universe fun with my friend Alan. The "Planet Mercenary" shopping outlet, which carries all the best weapons and materiel from all the best suppliers in the Schlockiverse now has a logo, and a Twitter feed.



Check out @PlanetMercenary on Twitter. All in-universe, in-character fun, all the time. (Except not ALL the time, because that would be noisy.) There's an eight-tweet story right there waiting for you! Also, there's a gussied-up version of the logo. 

A Bit of Short Fiction

Do you ever have a stray thought that leads to a story seed, and then suddenly there's a whole story there and it's in the way of your day? So you write it as quickly as possible, and move on?

"Who Was That One Guy in That One Movie?"


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