And Now, a FitBit Filk

Go ahead and sing it. You know the melody already.

When I wake up, well I know you're gonna be
you're gonna be the one who vibrates me awake
When I go out, yeah I know you're gonna be
You're gonna be the one who counts the steps I take.
If I get drunk, well I know you're gonna be
you're gonna be the one who logs my lifts of glass
When I'm hung over? Well I know you're gonna count 
You're gonna count the hours I spend flat on my ass.
But I would walk 5000 steps
And I would walk 5000 more
Just to feel that buzz upon my wrist for my 
ten thousand step reward
When I work out, yes I know we'll have some fun
because you'll be the one who's workin' out with me.
And when I'm hungry from the workin' out I've done
I swear I'll tell you every calorie I eat.
When I come home (When I come home), and I'm limpin' like a fool
I'm gonna limp along with gusto 'cause of you.
But when I shower, well I only have one rule 
I'm gonna take that long hot shower without you.
But I would walk 5000 steps
And I would walk 5000 more
Just to feel that buzz upon my wrist for my 
ten thousand step reward
When I'm lonely, well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's lonely wearing you
And when I'm dreaming, well I know you'll know I dream
because somehow you track my sleeping and that's creepy.
When I go out (when I go out), well I know you're gonna go
You're gonna go just fine with what I choose to wear.
And when I come home (when I come home), yes I know I'm gonna wish
I'm gonna wish I'd walked instead of driving there.
I'm gonna wish I'd walked instead of driving there.
But I would walk 5000 steps
And I would walk 5000 more
Just to feel that buzz upon my wrist for my 
ten thousand step reward

Apologies to the Proclaimers, and to my FitBit, who doesn't get to go out nearly as often as he'd like.  

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The Daring, Marvelous, Marvel/Netflix Daredevil

I'll keep this as spoiler-free as possible. The Daredevil series on Netflix is worth the investment in a Netflix membership. It's richer and more powerful than any cinematic superhero story, and while it is dark, it is not the trendy kind of dark. It's the kind of dark a good storyteller uses so that when we get light, the light is blinding and brilliant.

If you don't mind spoilers, this discussion of Catholicism in Daredevil is worth reading. If you've already finished the series that article will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the series.

The story of Daredevil goes well beyond what's actually in those 13 episodes, and I'm not talking about what's coming next season. The very existence of that story, in that format, on Netflix, is the beginning of a much broader narrative about the future of entertainment.


I'll stand by that statement.

Back in 2013 Kevin Spacey said similar things when he talked about how House of Cards couldn't be the show they wanted it to be without Netflix freeing them from the "shoot a pilot episode" business model of the networks. Here he is, saying those things.

I got chills when I first watched the excerpted version of Spacey's speech back in 2013 (full version is here.) I watched it again last night after finishing Daredevil and I am convinced that Kevin Spacey has correctly prognosticated the future of the entertainment industry. House of Cards (which I don't much like, but that's irrelevant) and Daredevil serve as proof that Netflix can provide a superior business model for episodic storytelling, and that by so doing they'll give us better stories.

We talk about storytelling quite a bit over at Writing Excuses.  Brandon, Dan, Mary, and I have recorded well over fifty hours of discussion in bite-sized chunks, and one thing we keep coming back to is the power that can be wielded by storytellers who know what they're doing, and who have the skills and the space in which to do it. Episodic television has gotten much better in the last twenty years, and it will get far, far better once it finally breaks the shackles of legacy network business practices.

That doesn't mean that all the stories will be great ones. It means that the great ones are going to amaze us. I'm really looking forward to this.

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And Now, Cookies!

It's like this: for the next 25 days I'm going to be burning through whatever social capital I've accumulated in order to drive eyeballs and open wallets at this thing. But I don't want that to be all I talk about. You'll get bored, and I'll get stressed out, and then I'll just get louder and oh! Look! COOKIES!

Long-time reader, first time cookie-sender Blaine sent me this box of shortbread cookies topped with lemon rind, a recipe inspired by the "puckerdoodles" from Force Multiplication.

They were baked by Blaine's partner Lysander of LDOriginals, and I must say he did a solid job with them. I should also confess to sharing them around generously. My family got one half of the batch, and I got the other.

A Sample Page

Here's a draft of the page layout from the Planet Mercenary RPG, which is now going to have 224 awesome pages:

This is just a draft, of course. If you'd like to know more about our design decisions, and see the facing page of this spread, we put that in our development blog. Note, however, that we are not looking for proofreaders. This is not that stage of the project. Not even remotely. 

Dice Unlocked, Extra Pages in the Cross Hairs

Backers of The Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter have pledged enough to unlock the first set of stretch goals. We will now be making a challenge coin and custom dice, and including those at the $75-and-up pledge levels. The next goal is an additional 16 pages in the core book, and that's something that will go out to everybody.

Additionally, the most recent backer-only update had links to a stack of wallpapers. As digital content goes those are just the beginning. We'll have a lot more to show off once the Kickstarter project closes and we have a budget again. The project runs through May 18th at noon, which should give most folks three paydays during which to consider parting with hard-earned money in exchange for 208 (or 224!) pages of awesome.

Until then, Alan and I have plenty of work to do, so if we go quiet for a bit it's not because we've forgotten you. Some of these pages still need more awesome in them.

We crossed the 1,000 backer mark! 

Alan, Sandra, and I are excited to be putting that many books in that many hands. And if trends and historical data are useful indicators, it looks like those are going to be 224-page books. Thank you!



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