Schlock Miniatures Almost Gone, More On The Way

[caption id="attachment_1385" align="alignleft" width="248" caption="28mm "Sergeant Schlock" by Melissa Mayhew and Drew Olds"]28mm "Sergeant Schlock" by Melissa Mayhew and Drew Olds[/caption] My friends Drew and Janci, Garden Ninja Studios' Chief Artisan and Chief of Operations respectively, are impressed with your enthusiasm for these miniatures. In Janci's words "The last couple of days have been pretty surreal." First: for those of you who have placed orders for painted Schlock miniatures, please note that each of these is hand-painted, and they're not done yet. Drew wasn't expecting to have to paint the entire inventory in one go, so it may be a couple of weeks before some of these orders ship. Second: As of this writing there are only 36 Schlock miniatures left. Garden Ninja Studios is already planning a re-order from the caster. Since there is now a pre-existing mold the turnaround time should be fairly quick, but that's not the same as guaranteeing that the next batch will arrive in time for painting and holiday shipping. Still, demand being what it is, Drew and Janci will do everything they can to make you guys happy. Third: If you've got friends who play tabletop wargames, please consider Garden Ninja Studios for that one-of-a-kind, remembered-for-years-to-come Christmas gift. Drew's "Movie Marines" are perfect for that Warhammer 40K player who "has everything" and is difficult to shop for. I've seen some of Drew's conversions and kit-bashes, and they are gorgeous. Fourth: Interest in the Schlock minis has been strong enough that we're willing to consider doing another character early next year. I'm leaning towards an action-pose Tagon in the new uniform. What say ye?

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