Science Fiction and Computing coming this spring

A year or so ago my friends David Ferro and Eric Swedin asked me to contribute an essay for a collection they were tentatively calling Canticle for the Machine. They wanted me to write about how my love for Science Fiction informed my career at Novell, and how my work at Novell informed my career in Science fiction.

My essay has been complete for quite a while. The publisher is finally getting the book out, and our only complaint is that they gave it a rather more generically descriptive title than we would have liked -- Science Fiction and Computing: Essays on Interlinked Domains.

I haven't seen the other essays so I can't speak to the entire contents of the tome, but my own contribution is funny, thought-provoking, a bit self-deprecatory, yet cheerfully optimistic. Just ask anybody who came to my reading in Melbourne. 

The full list of contributors isn't available online, but per an email from the editors, here's my stab at it: Janet Abbate, Rafael Alvarado, Theirry Bardini, Paul Ceruzzi, Joshua Cuneo, David Ferro (ed.), Thomas Haigh, David A. Kirby, Richard McKinney, Graham Murphy, Lisa Nocks, Chris Pak, Jaakko Suominen, Alfredo Suppia, Eric Swedin (ed.), Howard Tayler, David Toomey, and Gary Westfahl.

If you're interested in picking it up, you can pre-order it through Amazon, directly from McFarland, or through most brick-and-mortar places capable of ordering using ISBN numbers (ISBN: 978-0-7864-4565-3 in this case.)

I suspect it's an academic sort of tome (though not a "textbook") since these are non-fiction essays. It lists for $40, and I fully expect it to become curriculum somewhere by virtue of the fact that I am in it and I should TOTALLY be curriculumized. Acadameciariffically, even.

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