Sketch Edition Ordering is Closed, but Don't Let That Stop You

The twenty-four hour window for pre-ordering numbered Sketch Editions is now closed. If for some reason you missed it... how did that happen? I thought I did I pretty good job of announcing when we were doing this. Regardless, it is closed now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patronage and support. I don't yet have a final count on how many sketch editions were purchased, but I'll come up with one later today. And speaking of "later," pre-orders will remain open for regular, unsketched books until November 8th. All pre-orders will be signed, and all patrons will get immediate access to the exclusive desktop backgrounds I've created using the cover art.
(note: the wallpaper URL is at the bottom of the receipt that shows in your browser. It's just text, so you have to actually read your receipt to see it.) Head on over to Shopping there will keep the schlock coming uninterrupted through the dark winter months, and into spring of 2007 when we hope to have yet another book ready for you.
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