Slashdon't -- I read Slashdot, So You Don't Have To

Yeah, I read Slashdot, and while I don't bother with the massive flame-wars that every single news post seems to elicit, I do chase down the links and research stuff from time to time. Anytime you see a "SlashDon't" in my subject line, you'll know how I found what I'm about to talk about. And mostly it's just the stuff I'm going to enjoy mocking, plugging, or speculating about. Enough introductory work... "Please let me sleep in my own bed tonight" is the plea of the barcode-switching, price-scamming, college freshman shoplifter Jonathan Baldino after getting busted trying to buy a $149 ipod for $4.99 at Target. He successfully got away with at least $250 in other price-switched goods, but his luck ran out. The source article (the SOURCE, not the Slashdot summary) is here. Me, I think a few nights in jail will do the kid good. He may even get college equivalency credit for DON'T STEAL STUFF YOU MORON 101. (This little rant appeared in my Live Journal last night.)
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