The Great Office Remodel of 2009 - A Flickr Tour

One of the hardest lessons to learn in any business is when to do something yourself, and when to subcontract it, or outsource it, or otherwise partner with someone else in order to finish the job. There are two object lessons in this blog post. The first and most obvious one is that I am a much better cartoonist than I am a handy-man, so Sandra and I made the wise decision to hire some folks from 3 Day Kitchen and Bath to remodel my office for us. The second, less-obvious one is that while I'm a reasonably adept blogger and photo-poster, I don't do it very often. Why not? Because my own processes really aren't optimized for that kind of thing. But Flickr does it quite well, so I'm experimenting with using Flickr's tools for this instead of my own. All this comes back to a fundamental business principle: Just because you CAN do something yourself doesn't mean you SHOULD. The trick, of course, lies in knowing where to draw the line. So, with the overly long and somewhat preachy explanation out of the way, here is Howard's very first Flickr set. And just to demonstrate the value in having somebody else manage the photos, here it is as a slide-show.
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