The Man Behind the Schlock iPhone and iPad Apps

As you may already know, there are iPhone and iPad apps available for reading Schlock Mercenary on those devices. We partnered with Gary Henson of Plus 14, ltd. for those apps, and he has opened the kimono a bit to let you look at the development process and the business process, including our returns. Full disclosure! If you're a cartoonist with comparable readership, this information may prove invaluable. If you're an aspiring iPhone developer hoping to take over the world, it will crush your dreams a little. So... go read what Gary wrote. A quick FAQ: Q: What about Android? A: We're looking into it now. Q: What about going ad-supported as well as subscription? A: We're also looking into that. Q: When you say "we..." A: I mean "Gary." I can code my way out a wet paper bag, but only if you hand me a butter-knife made out of HTML 1.0. Q: What about e-book format? A: It doesn't lend itself well to the panel-serving system we've built. Neither e-book nor PDF will work well for serving Schlock books to mobile devices. I should point out that the iPhone Schlock app has been totally worth it to me, because it gives me a quick and easy way to find reference strips when I'm bringing characters back who I haven't drawn in a while. That's not a reason for you to rush out and buy it, no, but I totally love this app. Also, my version lets me read all the way to the end of the buffer.
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