The Nice Lady Who Ships Your Schlock Turns Thirty-Five

antique-books.jpgToday is Sandra's birthday.

Each year on her birthday she posts a new short story she's written. The latest one can be found here, and it's about a muse in the shower.

I may be the inspiration for this, at least in part, because so many of my own muses seem to be plumbing-related, but the story is definitely all hers.

On a related note, words (especially those composed in a hurry before Church on a Sunday morning) cannot express the extent of my appreciation for this woman. Rest assured, without Sandra there would be no Schlock Mercenary, let alone books, posters, shirts, or other merchandise. She doesn't just ship this stuff. She enables it.

I'm not sure whether I should give her credit for inspiring it or not... after all, it's a story about some extremely disfunctional people who mean well, but who perform heroically-scaled acts of violence for money. That's hardly the sort of thing you want to say was "inspired by the love of my life, my wife, and the mother of my children (who yes, are all the same person, even for Mormons.)"

Happy Birthday, Sandra!

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