The Rules of Writing Excuses: Keeping it 15 Minutes Long

On Friday, whilst preparing to record Episodes 10 and 11 (yes, even in Podcasting there are buffers to be had) we recorded a three-minute long segment on "The Rules." How do we keep our podcasts 15 minutes long? No Expounding, No Cans of Worms, No Waffling, and judicious use of the Pimp Signal. This 80%-shorter-than usual bonus episode features far, far more screwing around than most of our 'casts do. It's also the first episode we recorded using the old-school "everybody through the laptop mic" technique (accidentally, mind you -- Jordan is face-palming that flub), so let us know what you think of the sound quality. We need to know if episodes 10 and 11 need to be re-recorded.
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