There's a Ninja in My Garden

Well, no. There isn't. Garden Ninja Painting Studio lives in somebody else's garden. But they're good friends of mine, and good things are coming. Garden Ninja Studios First, though, they've partnered with to run a contest. The winner gets a full set of patina-finished Goblin Quest miniatures. These were sculpted by my friend and mini-paint mentor Drew Olds, and are licensed characters from Jim Hines' Goblin Quest books. Goblin Quest miniatures from Garden Ninja Painting Studio, sculpted by Drew Olds There's a second contest starting in a week, and a third a week after that. Now, on to good things. Garden Ninja Painting Studio is going to handle the production (and painting, for those of you who want it) of a 28mm-scale Sergeant Schlock miniature. Melissa Mayhew is putting the finishing touches on the sculpt, so we expect to have it ready in time for Christmas. I can't wait to get one. In the meantime, go over to and sign up to win some patina-finished pewter.