Welcome to the New Home of Schlock Mercenary

Welcome to the new home of Schlock Mercenary here on the web. We've changed out pretty much everything -- new data center, new server, new software -- but we've kept most of the stuff you're accustomed to seeing pretty much exactly where it used to be.

From an interface standpoint, it's like somebody snuck into your home and replaced all your furniture with nicer furniture without moving things around.

Now, if somebody did that to my house I'd be pretty upset. I'm sure a few of you are having the typical, knee-jerk, I-hate-the-new-website reaction. It's natural. You'll get over it. You'll get over it faster if you move quickly through the stages of grief into acceptance.

That's not to say we haven't gotten some things wrong, or that we're finished. The furniture analogy falls apart pretty quickly since we're right here in the room, still moving stuff around. Oh and we also replaced the entire house. Good news! The floor isn't warped any more! 

So... if you see something that is actually broken -- your browser throws an error, for instance -- or if something has you completely confused, please let us know. We've already got a long list of things we want to change, or that we've yet to implement, and your feedback will help us prioritize.

Many of you have already told us how much you love the new design. If you fall into this lucky-winner-of-Extreme-Makeover camp, please say so! Tell us what you like most, so that when we start tweaking things we don't accidentally move the coffee table AND the light-switch, and give you shin-barks next New Years' Eve...

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