Why You Don't Rob A Cartoonist Without Wearing A Mask

A thoughtful Schlocker just emailed me this choice article from a paper in Australia.

A Man who allegedly robbed a renowned Victorian cartoonist has been caught, thanks to a detailed caricature drawn by his victim. Police said the cartoonist, Bill `Weg' Green, who is famous for his drawings of AFL Grand Final teams, offered to draw a picture of the robber when police arrived at his home in Melbourne's east.
Weg and Perpetrator, from the Australian Associated PressGo read the rest of the article, and then know that criminals everywhere should live in fear of accidentally robbing a cartoonist. Me, I want to get a sticker for my front door that says "these premises protected by Smith, Wesson, AND a cartoonist." --Howard (UPDATE - I've attached a photo of the cartoonist Bill Weg with the picture he drew of the perpetrator, courtesy AAP. I hope this picture doesn't end up rotting in an evidence locker. Maybe it'll get framed and put on the wall at the police station.)
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