Wolverine: We're off to a rough start this summer

Last summer I rated the movies I'd seen by stacking them numerically from favorite to least-favorite. No stars, no thumbs, no scale-of-one-to-ten (except for when the list had ten movies on it.) I'd do the same thing this summer, but we're off to a rough start. Wolverine is the first of the summer blockbusters (yes, for the film industry "summer" begins in May) and I enthusiastically caught a midnight showing, but I just can't bring myself to put it at slot #1. So I'm kicking off this year's favorites by going out on a limb to announce that even if I don't see another film all summer, Wolverine will still only be my sixth favorite. 1 2 3 4 5 6 - Wolverine I'm on a real tear here. It's entirely possible that I'll see Star Trek next week, give that film the #1 slot, and bump Wolverine to #7. The best thing about the film is that I decided to use midnight movie tickets to bribe myself to plow ahead through the evening and finish inking, and the bribe worked. As a matter of fact, at 10:30pm when I'd finished all my inking (after a full day of coloring) I felt like the $9.00 I spent buying a Wolverine ticket would be well-spent even if I didn't go see the movie. In retrospect, staying home in spite of having tickets would have been a better reward for a hard day's work than staying out until 2:30am. It's late and I just got back from the show, so I'm off to bed. If you had your heart set on seeing this film, don't let my naysaying stand in your way. Hopefully I've set your expectations low enough that the film won't disappoint. But now that I've said that, don't go getting your hopes up.
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