Writing Excuses at WorldCon with Phil and Kaja Foglio

girlgeniuslogo.gifOne of the best parts of WorldCon for me this year was getting to drag Phil and Kaja Foglio in front of the microphones for Episode 28 of Writing Excuses. It has been my privilege to spend lots of time with them at Comic-Con a month ago and then again at WorldCon in early August.

That experience serves to tell me that the fifteen minutes of this episode don't approach the tiniest portion of "enough time" when learning at the feet of the Foglios. What's here is gold, though. Go listen!

Oh, and if you're not yet reading Girl Genius, head over there. You're in for a deep-archive, victorian-corsetted, steampunky, gaslampy, fantastic treat. With long red hair, welding goggles, and giant robots.

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