Writing Excuses, Episode 7 (also, countdown to Ad Astra)

Writing Excuses, with Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Daniel WellsWe're up to around 3,000 listeners per week over at Writing Excuses, which means all you aspiring novelists who are not currently listening in now have some stiff competition from the folks who are. This week we talk about villains.

How do I know this podcast is that good? Because it's already helped me tighten up my own writing. Not my own advice, mind you. I get that stuff for free. No, I've been benefitting from Brandon and Dan, and while I suppose SOME of that could stem from just rubbing shoulders with good writers, what seems to resonate is the several listens I've given to each of these podcasts.

I listen in order to try and figure out how to do the next podcast a little better, but I think osmosis takes over and I start absorbing good writing advice from these guys. Just last week I threw out an entire "okay" script that had a decent punchline, and replaced it with a really, really good script that made me laugh. Looking back, I can see that I was doing "Killing Your Darlings" and "Beginnings" at the same time (oh, and "Pacing," but that episode hasn't aired publicly yet.)

In other news, I'm off to Toronto this Thursday for Ad Astra. Watch this space for my schedule, and other assorted plugs.

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