Height Two Joshin' See Addle

For my birthday, my brother Randy took me out to lunch. He related something to me about "my biggest fan" and his friend Larry at Randy's work (for the record, I already know who my biggest fans are, because they've done minion-time at book releases.) And now, because it amuses me to post others' chat logs
[2:51:48 PM] Larry Raab says: So was lunch fun? Great! [2:52:29 PM] Randy Tayler says: It was fun. I told Howard your friend the biggest fan said Happy Birthday. [2:52:45 PM] Randy Tayler says: And we ate meeeeeeaaat [2:52:46 PM] Larry Raab says: Did you say Josh in Seattle! [2:52:55 PM] Randy Tayler says: I... said... [2:53:00 PM] Randy Tayler says: um.... [2:53:07 PM] Larry Raab says: Does he ever do blogs? [2:53:13 PM] Randy Tayler says: Howard? [2:53:18 PM] Larry Raab says: ya [2:53:23 PM] Randy Tayler says: do = write? [2:53:33 PM] Larry Raab says: Whatever...make love or write whatever [2:53:42 PM] Randy Tayler says: He has 2 blogs [2:54:05 PM] Larry Raab says: Just wondering if he would ever just say "Hi to Josh in Seattle" just so my friend believes me
Larry, I hope your friend Josh in Seattle believes you. Also, how I do blogging when I do my blogs ( of which there are five) is knowledge exclusive to me and the fine woman who does my laundry.