Howard's 2011 Appearance Schedule

Howard doesn't travel all that much compared to some, but here are six conventions in six months. The farthest west Howard is getting is Reno, and the farthest east is Atlanta.

April 8-10: Ad Astra in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

This is Ad Astra's 30th anniversary and Howard has been invited back to be a part of the event. All of their former GoHs have been invited to return, so the event is sure to be packed with amazing people. Check their website for the current list.

April 29-May 1: Penguicon in Troy, Michigan

Howard is the Toastmaster and Brandon Sanderson is the writer Guest of Honor. They're taking Dan Wells with them, so the whole Writing Excuses team will be there. This is the first time outside of WorldCon that Writing Excuses has gone on the road -- an event not to be missed.

May 5-7: LDS Storymakers Conference in Provo, Utah  

This conference is packed with useful information about writing and the business of publishing. Howard will be presenting on Self Publishing and will likely participate in some panel discussions as well. The conference also offers writing workshops and pitch opportunities with agents and editors.

May 27-29: CONduit in Salt Lake City, Utah

CONduit is Howard's home convention. It is also a home convention for the Writing Excuses team, so podcasting is likely. Utah is full of top notch writers and most of them turn up for this event. Definitely worth the trip.

August 3-7 GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana

 GenCon is touted as the best four days in gaming, and it is definitely packed with amazing events. Look for Howard at the Schlock Mercenary booth in the dealer's hall sitting alongside Tracy Hickman and Jim Zubkavich. You'll also find him running demos at the APE Games booth for a Schlock Mercenary table top game that is in the works. Be sure to sign up early for Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast. Howard will be there and it well worth the price of the ticket.

August 17-21 WorldCon Renovation in Reno, Nevada

WorldCon is the premier science fiction and fantasy event. It will have top talent from all over the world participating in presentations and panel discussions. The schedule and dealer's room assignments are still pending on this event. We'll publish more information as we have it.

September 2-5 Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia

 This will be Howard's first appearance at Dragon*Con. He has been accepted as a guest and will be doing signings, selling Schlock books through a regular vendor, and appearing on some programming. We'll post more details as we get them.