Tuesday March 28, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I

You Can Have Ad-free Schlock Mercenary

Would you like to read Schlock Mercenary without the ads? How about a week at a time, in higher resolution?

SchlockPatreon-HugeThe Schlock Mercenary Patreon¹ now offers all of that.

  • Patreon supporters at the $2.50 level and above get ad-free browsing, and can read the archives a week at a time
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Our designer, Gary Henson, has done great work with this stuff. It’s a beautiful thing. When you go week-at-a-time, and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate, the reading experience improves drastically.

Once you subscribe you’ll see a Patreon post explaining how to link your Patreon account to the Schlock Mercenary site. Here’s a link to that post, but only Patreon subscribers at the $2.50 and $5.00 levels can see it.


¹We’re using Patreon’s “Charge Up Front” payment method. Details on this can be found in the Patreon Charge Up Front faq

² Retina resolution strips are 2,000 pixels wide. Standard resolution strips are 780 pixels wide.


Kong: Skull Island

KongSkullIslandI loved Kong: Skull Island. Even with burning eyes and a tension headache from twenty-two hours awake, I loved it¹.  When it’s out on Blu-Ray I will own it. I do not love this movie enough to marry it because that would be silly, but if I saw this movie in high school I would totally have a crush on it and write notes to it in class.

It’s late. I’m really tired. That got weird². You get the point. Threshold of Awesome? CLEARED. This is easily my favorite film of the year thus far. The year is still young³, but for now Kong is totally King.


¹I saw it in IMAX 3D, and that contributed to the tired burning of my eyes, but the big factor was insomnia. No regrets. It was beautiful.

² I’m not ashamed of weird. I acknowledge it and move on.

³ Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 threatens Kong’s top spot, but that doesn’t bother me. Whoever wins, I win twice.



LOGAN-ArtposterIn 1935, at the rehearsals for his Symphony no. 4, composer Ralph Vaughn Williams said “I don’t know whether I like it, but it is what I meant.”

Artists of all stripes will find these to be words to live by. They’re also good words for those who critique all the stripey types of art, and they kind of describe how I feel about Logan. Paraphrasing with a twist: “I didn’t have fun, but I wasn’t supposed to.”

Logan is a powerful drama with elements of action and suspense. It earns its R-rating on all fronts, and with maybe one or two exceptions it only does so in strong service of the story. Everybody turns in brilliant performances, and they ground the fictional world of Wolverine and Professor X in a near-future that very much seems like ours.

If your only exposure to Marvel Comics has been through the Avengers cinematic franchise, Logan may leave you wondering when comic books started telling such deep stories. The answer is “since about the beginning of comic books.” Sequential art goes way back. Dialog bubbles and newsprint are new, relatively speaking, but we’ve been putting actual drama in those for a long time.

The salient point here is that if you’re hoping for something to whet your appetite for Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Thor: Ragnarok, Logan is not the hors d’oeuvres you’re looking for.