Thursday July 31, 2014

Convention Banner!

As I lamented on Twitter, designing convention banners is like building a ten-foot-tall book cover out of other book covers and ego.

Here, then, is the result:

If you're at GenCon Indy, a couple of weeks from now, you can find me in front of this, and between Jim Zub and Tracy Hickman. 

Gonna be a busy week...

Sandra and I had our usual planning meeting, and she went all "art director" on me and outlined this week's tasks:

  • Design new banners for the GenCon booth
  • Write & illustrate two weeks of Schlock Mercenary
  • Finish my two pages of the Massively Parallel bonus story

Here are the things she left off the list:

  • See Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Review it
  • See it again, because I hope it's that good
  • Dress in steamy sorts of clothes and hit Salt City Steamfest for an afternoon and evening
  • Eat sushi with our editor friend who is coming to town
  • Sleep
  • Chase distracting things into the weeds. Catch them. Toy with them. Eat them. Repeat.

Wish me luck. I can already see rustling in the weeds.

This Actually (should have) Happened

Actual behind-the-scenes from LUCY.

MORGAN FREEMAN: It has been estimated that human beings only use 100% of their brains.

LUC BESSON: CUT! Mister Freeman, it says 10%.

MORGAN FREEMAN: But... that's ridiculous. Nobody still believes that.

LUC BESSON: The script says 10%.

MORGAN FREEMAN: I'm not sure I can sell that line. I rather doubt anyone can sell that line. Perhaps 90%, but ten?

LUC BESSON: How's this? Your pay goes up by 10% for every 10% below 100% you're able to sell me.


LUC BESSON: I'm serious.

MORGAN FREEMAN: It has been estimated, and subsequently proven through rigorous experimentation, that human beings use NEGATIVE ONE THOUSAND PERCENT of their brains...


(My review of Lucy is here)

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