Bad Ads, Strohl Munitions, and Headstones

Thank you (yes THANK YOU) for emailing me about the bad ads recently. Something snuck into the bottom of the stack, those remaindered ads that don't pay squat, and it was something smelly. We've had reports of pop-ups, seizure-inducers, noisemakers, and yes, ads for porn. Many of you took time to tell me about these not because you were offended but because you knew I would be. The Amorph Family Photo, now available as a poster!I realize that the subject line of this entry might suggest that I solved the "Bad Ads" problem using "Strohl Munitions", and now there is a "Headstone" covering a coffin... which lies empty but for a small pile of ash. Sadly, that is not the case. I solved the ad problem in the short term by completely replacing the ad code with a GIF and a link to the store. If you're not seeing an amorph family photo next to the Schlock Mercenary logo you should refresh your cache. Rest in Peace, Petey... The Headstone I was speaking of is on a new print we have available in the Schlock Mercenary store. Finally, Strohl Munitions... the Strohl Munitions Plasma Cannon Safety Activity Book is now available via Lulu. I'm not carrying any inventory on this thanks to the modern "Print On Demand" technology you kids are so hip with. This means I'm not hurt in the least if none of these sell. But if you want it on paper, shiny and hand-holdable, and soon, this is probably your best option. Strohl Munitions Plasma Cannon Activity Book, now available at Lulu.comNote, please, that we may still do a mass-printing of that book on actual coloring-book paper. That day is at least three months away (and may never come), but I don't want it to come and have you complain that you spent money with Lulu instead of with me directly. And of course you will always have the option to buy a PDF version of the book, in which case every penny you spend goes to me (well... after Paypal's 30-cent-plus-2% cut.) Final remarks: Sorry for the bad ads. Boy, the site is prettier with amorphs up top. I wish I could afford to keep that kind of leaderboard there forever...

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