Booked for 2008...

A very polite gentleman named Luke emailed me today to invite me to a convention in May of 2008. I replied with my regrets. I try to keep my travel schedule such that I only attend one event per month, and I leave November, December, and January completely free from travel, May, as it turned out, already had two events in it (though Free Comic Book Day shouldn't really count.) After sending that message I checked and realized that I hadn't updated my "Convention and Appearance Schedule" page in a while. That page, and the list at the bottom of the home page at were both badly out of date. Sandra sat with me as I began updating, and she notified me that I was, in no uncertain terms, booked solid. Oh, I might be able to squeeze something into February of '08, and perhaps something could fit into October of that year, but if 2007 has taught us anything it's that I need time at home to crank out books. (She scowled at me when I typed the words "squeeze" and "perhaps.") So... if you're hoping to invite me to your event (and I love such invitations), please heed the examples of the folks with Ad Astra and LepreCon, and plan at least 18 months in advance.
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