Bracing for Christmas...

The shipping of Schlock Mercenary: The Tub Of Happiness was without question the most ambitious of our little undertakings yet. Our home has yet to settle back into some sort of normalcy, and my hand is still not up to any sort of marathon pencilling and inking. But we're happy. We continue to receive happy reports of books arriving on time and in good condition. We've shipped a few replacements, and fixed a few mis-packed orders, but it hasn't been a burden at all. We have funds sufficient to carry the family through April*, and that means that I can relax just a little and enjoy the holiday. Okay, I do need to crank out an extra week of comics this week to make up for one of the two I lost, and I'm going to have to push out the usual seven days' worth next week, too, but none of that precludes me actually relaxing for a spell. Like maybe this coming Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. (And perhaps Saturday. Oh, and if I work really hard on Wednesday, I can maybe, MAYBE take Thursday and Friday off.) My friend Jay told me that when you work for yourself you only have to put in half-days. That, and you get to pick which twelve hours you're at work. Thank you for all your support. If I'm going to work twelve-hour days the week before Christmas, I might as well be doing something I love for people I like (and for about 40,000 people I've never met, but would almost certainly like if I did meet them...) *Note: Come April I either need to be prepared to sell you all another book, or cough up a winning lottery ticket.
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