Comic-Con: Day 2

The convention began in earnest today. And I only have one complaint: the lady who does the announcements over the PA is an absolute harridan. She is capable of being nice and announcerly, but when things aren't going her way, she will yell into the microphone. I'm considering having her vocal cords stolen by organ-leggers. I was at the booth all day, except for a lunch break. I sold a lot of books, sold a lot of pins, drew a few pictures, and watched the costumed people parade past for photos with Billy West (the voice of Fry, Zap, Zoidberg and others on Futurama). Billy is pretty wacky and zany even without encouragement from costumed fans, and he's right next door to us, so we're getting quite the show. I'll post more photos when I've got more time. Right now I'm late...
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