Comic-Con: Day 4

Today was the busiest day of Comic-Con, as well as the day of the super-secret Blank Label Comics 2007 Planning Meeting. You don't want to hear about our 8am meeting, because if I told you I'd have to kill you. Mostly I worked the booth. There's not much to tell. I drew numerous free sketches, and did a few colored commissions as well. One fellow couldn't make it to the Con himself, and sent his friends with instructions for me to draw "Schlock vs. Petey." Here's what he got. Marker-Schlock_vs_Petey.jpg It took about half an hour (I think... time is so oddly compressed at these events), and it cost just $30. Yes, folks, it's true. You can buy my time for a dollar a minute if you catch me at a convention. Oh, there was this panel thingy, too. I talked cold, hard numbers with a crowd of business-minded fans, along with business-savvy folks like Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade and Scott Kurtz of PvP. Speaking of cold, hard numbers, food here is expensive. I dropped $20 on lunch (appetizer, dessert, and soda) and another $20 on dinner (cheap fajitas and coconut-contaminated horchata), and I count myself lucky. Besides, I ate the cheap fajitas with a few of my Blank Label Comics friends, and we had a riotous time there in the Greasy El Spoono (yes, I've forgotten the restaurant's real name.) David Kellett is hilarious, and Kris Straub, Brad Guigar, and David Willis are not a whit behind him. We laughed, laughed, and laughed some more. Tomorrow is the final day. It's a slower day, but it gets frantic there at the end, with people trying to unload merchandise at huge discounts because they don't want to have to ship anything home. I can sympathize, but I don't think I'll be scrambling to slash prices on anything. I've only got about 30 books left at the convention, and even if I sell none of them, that's not too many for me to haul out on my back. If you're in town, stop by early lest I run out of books. And now, to bed with me...

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