Draw Night in Salt Lake

Last night I drove up to Salt Lake City in the rain (sidebar: Turbo Schlock needs new tires a month ago) and met a group of people who I did not know existed as a group. I'm unsure of history behind "draw night," but there's this coffee-shop that lets a group of artists hang out and draw for about two hours past closing time, and last night I hung out with them. I got a couple of rows of inking done while they worked on their stuff, and we all talked. Derek Hunter knocked down a page of Pirate Club, Ryan Ottley did an Invincible turnaround and a couple of sketch covers, and there was an amazing motorcycle taking shape in blue-line right next to me where I really, really should have remembered a name. Names: Check out Pirate Club, and over on the left side-bar you'll see a list entitled "Draw Night Pals." Maybe if I can remember some names, they'll let me come back and I can get MY name on that list of amazing artists. Big thanks to Jason Alderman for the invitation. I'm going to have to clear my calendar on Tuesday nights...
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