Fastest Convention Appearance Yet

On Friday I delivered the 2:00pm keynote at the Utah Open Source Convention (UTOSC) at Salt Lake Community College. It would have been nice to attend the whole show, but it has been a full, busy week, and this weekend is the family reunion up in Pocatello, Idaho. So Sandra and I packed all the reunion stuff into the van, loaded the kids, and drove to SLCC. She dropped me off at 1:00pm and took the kids to lunch and to a park. I met some folks, delivered the keynote, and then jumped in the van and headed north at 2:45pm. It was kind of a drive-by keynote. By 5:45pm I was lounging in the hot-tub at the Best Western watching my kids splash in the pool. I'd tell you that this is the cartoonist's life, but mostly it's just THIS cartoonist's life. Gotta go. The breakfast buffet has a waffle-maker...
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