Hancock: Sorry, can't tell you about it...

I saw Hancock Wednesday morning at 9:40am. I liked it, but I can't tell you much about it without spoiling the neat plot-hook. You know how both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk feature a climactic conflict between the hero, and a bigger, badder version of the hero? Well, Hancock doesn't, and I'm glad it doesn't. And I'm leaving it at that. Here is my ordered list of favorites for the summer, as of July 2nd: 1) Wall-E 2) Kung-Fu Panda 3) Speed Racer 4) Iron Man 5) Get Smart 6) Hulk 7) Wanted 8) Indiana Jones 9) Hancock 10) Prince Caspian Numbers 1-4 are what I'd call the "must see" films, with the addition of #8 because, hey, Indy's back. Numbers 5-9 were all really enjoyable. Number 10 was the only one that was disappointing, and even then only a little. (Well... #8 was disappointing too, but that's because the bar was set so very, very high with The Last Crusade.) Weird. Indiana Jones was the most disappointing of the bunch, but also made the "must see" list for nostalgia's sake. My tastes, they are fickle and inconsistent. And I'm glad I saw Hancock. Feel free to discuss below, but if you're going to post spoilers, say so at the top of your post. Especially if you're posting spoilers for Hancock, since that one's still pretty fresh.
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